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Options & Accessories

SM-SB1000 – Sand Bag

Sand bags stop goals from sliding and or tipping.

SM-R1000-PAD – Rugby Pad

Rugby goal pads prevent injuries to players and slip over the goal base in minutes.

SM-PENNANT – Wind Direction Pennant

Wind Direction Pennants can be custom made with Team logos


SM-GT1000 – Goal Tether

This is a permanent goal tether that can be buried in the field for quick anchoring of goals. The Goal Tether allows you to remove the goal when not in use or lock it down when in use.

SM-GC – Goal Cart

This is a bolt on slip on wheel system. Four wheels slide under the goal and can be removed after the goal is moved. One set of four will move multiple goals as they are not permanently attached.


SM-FH1200-WHEELS – Field Hockey Wheel System

Field Hockey wheels are permanently attached and allow Field Hockey Goals to be moved easily.


SM-FB-PAD – Football Pad

Football goal pads prevent injuries to players and slip over the goal base in minutes.

SM-FB-1000-RB Football Recess Box

Just one of the many ways to anchor Football Goals – Contact Scoremaster engineering for the anchoring system that suits your application.


SM-DM-WHEEL – Wheel System

This is a bolt on retractable wheels system. Four wheels and retractors are included in the package.


Custom Engineering

Shockwave has its own, in house design department. Let us help you with providing a custom solution perfectly tailored to your application.